Buy Your Sweetheart A 420-Friendly Bouquet This Valentine's Day

Never mind a heart-shaped box of chocolates; take your gift-giving game to new heights this Valentine’s Day with a cannabis bouquet for your sweetheart.

Lowell Farms is selling $400 cannabis floral bouquets, which can be delivered anywhere in Los Angeles February 14.

The longstanding L.A. growers only plan to offer 500 bouquets for purchase, with each boasting up to an ounce of hybrid Purple Princess dried and ready to smoke.

Each bouquet includes wildflowers, eucalyptus and other greenery – and the promise that it was grown using organic fertilizer and a total lack of synthetic pesticides.

With just two weeks until the big day, you may want to place your order now, or come up with your own spin on a cannabis-friendly Valentine’s present. But be warned: somehow an ounce of weed stuffed into a baggie doesn’t seem quite so romantic. And while you're at it, see how 420 got its name.

h/t TimeOut LA.

Banner image: Lowell Farms Photography / 


If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you probably already know your favorite ways to consume, as well as your personal sweet spot for THC intake. But how often can you put an actual number on the milligrams of THC that get you to your happy place? And how do you guide friends or family who are new to cannabis toward finding their perfect dose?

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