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Budtending Could Be the Hottest Job of the Next Five Years

The cannabis industry is growing at ridiculous rates every year, and now people are recognizing just how big an opportunity that could be for the job market.

With the marijuana industry expected to grow from $10 billion in 2018 to $22 billion in 2022, many are also expecting a major growth in industry jobs as well. There are an estimated 125,000 to 160,000 people working in the cannabis industry right now, which is more than there are librarians or kindergarten teachers in America. And the industry could add another 340,000 full-time jobs by 2022, an increase of about 21 percent every year.

Budtenders will perhaps be the biggest in-demand position in the growing cannabis industry. Budtenders are the sales people in dispensaries that actually inform clients about the products and sell them. Without qualified budtenders, the industry won't see the insane sales growth that is projected.

It also helps that budtenders don't necessarily need as much training as other positions in the industry. Someone who wants to grow commercial cannabis will need to learn about agriculture and botany so they understand the science behind not just growing cannabis, but all plants. But a budtender doesn't necessarily need advanced education to sell cannabis. Yes, they need to possess knowledge about marijuana and the different products they're offering, which may include attending training sessions. But they're not going to need a Master's degree in agricultural sciences either. 

Budtender positions are also good entry-level positions, which are needed for younger people in America who are struggling to get their careers going. The positions will be plentiful, and usually they can be pretty well-paying, particularly if the person is actually good at their job.

So in a few years all your under-30 friends won't be waiting tables or bartending, they'll be selling you Granddaddy Purple at your local dispensary.

(h/t Fortune)


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