Now that cannabis is recreational in California, consumers are visiting dispensaries for their very first time, entering a world of weed products they've never heard of, that inspire a number of questions for budtenders. A budtender is the helpful person behind the counter at every weed dispensary, there to help consumers choose which cannabis strains and products will be best for their wants and needs. Every dispensary is different, so budtenders are a valuable resource for both new and old consumers browsing the assortment of cannabis products that may seem overwhelming without a guide. Shopping for weed is especially overwhelming when consumers and budtenders refer to the plant with different slang terms.

Fortunately, Civilized sat down with budtenders from all over Los Angeles to learn about cannabis culture and dispensaries in our weekly series Ask A Budtender. In this episode of the series, the budtenders list all the slang terms for cannabis that they hear.