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Bud And Breakfast: Marijuana-Friendly Travel Made Easy

Vacation time. Ahhhh. Take in some galleries and museums, plan your itinerary of apps and bevvies at mouthwatering restos, maybe hit the beach/go skiing/hit the boutiques.

But if you also love lighting up in your off-time, spending a week or two in a strange city can be a little...dull. The new environs are great and everything - but being able to safely get, and smoke, a little bit of marijuana, would tip the scales toward "amazing."

Fortunately, someone else has thought of this. Enter Bud and Breakfast, an Airbnb-inspired site that promises to hook up users with cannabis-friendly accommodations all over the world.

Simply enter your destination and price range, pick from legalized states and countries, then just enter your check-in/check-out dates to book. Easy-peasy. Wanna rent out your cannabis-friendly place? It even allows hosts to synch with Airbnb via CloudBeds' MyAllocator.

If you enter "Uruguay" into the Bud and Breakfast search engine, you'll find a range of options in the $27 - $153 range. It's legal to consume cannabis in this South American country, as long as it given to you by someone who is from there.

In addition to offering accommodations where you don't need to worry about lighting up, Bud and Breakfast also encourages responsible use: you have to be 21 to sign up, and guests are encouraged to research and understand the recommended dosages.

Bud and Breakfast is currently in the process of building its listing of lodgings - for now, most are in Colorado. And only time will tell whether the concept will rise to dizzying, Airbnb-like heights of success, or be subsumed by the dozens of other short-term rental services looking to cash in on cannabis tourism.


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