Mouthwatering Brunch Munchies

Bacon. Eggs Benny. Chicken and waffles. A delicious, umami grease quotient is key to any top-flight brunch.

And considering brunch is typically consumed to a) establish hipster cred or b) soak up the booze from the previous night, why not add an extra-cool, extra-medicinal ingredient?

"Anything you can cook with fat, you can cook with cannabis," says Josh Pollack, owner of Denver's Rosenberg's Bagels and Delicatessen in an interview with The Guardian. And if you don't have the Bourdain-level chef skills to make Pollack's signature cannabis infused smoked salmon, there are easier ways to get your kicks at the breakfast table.

Here are some gourmet ways to incorporate bud into brunch: note that most involve a generous dollop of cannabutter, which you can learn how to make with this great, photo-illustrated recipe.

1. Strawberry Banana Marijuana Pancake

From the recipe authors: "I really recommend this recipe for the weekend only, unless you work from home of course..."


2. Super Lemon Haze Hollandaise

You can whip up this this killer, eggs-benny-ready hollandaise with any strain - not just Super Lemon Haze - but warning: your mileage may vary.

super lemon haze hollandaise.tgkr

3. Creamy Cannabis Smoothie

Feeling a little more health-conscious? A refreshing smoothie could be just the ticket.

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With all these great cannabis brunch recipes, maybe it's time to coin a new term: brunchies, anyone?

h/t The Cannabist, The Guardian


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