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Brooklyn Nets Player D’Angelo Russell Caught With Weed in an Arizona Iced Tea Can: Report

D’Angelo Russell, guard for the Brooklyn Nets, was fined after a small amount of marijuana was discovered in his bag…stashed inside a can of Arizona Iced Tea.

Any head shop patron will recognize the weed stashes that look like a normal household product like, say, a refreshing can of iced tea. It seems that’s what Russell had on him. USA Today reports that during a TSA inspection of one of Russell’s checked bags, an Arizona can with a hidden compartment was discovered - and a small amount of marijuana was found inside.

According to the report’s source, Russell received a summons to appear in court for marijuana possession of less than 50 grams - a violation punishable by a fine of $100 or less.

Will Russell run afoul of the NBA’s cannabis regulations? Should he be convicted of possession, he will have to enter the league’s marijuana program. A suspension will only be levied against a player on their third offense. 

Of course, with many current and former NBA players (and coaches) speaking frankly about the benefits of cannabis, perhaps the league should finally go through with a new, more progressive set of marijuana rules. 

Banner Image: Elsa / GettyImages


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