Watch: The High Stakes Of America's War On Cannabis

Saying the contradictions surrounding America's medicinal cannabis industry are "absurd" is like saying, Ted Nugent is "a little trigger happy."

According to, an estimated two million Americans use cannabis medicinally. Yet, as John Hudak of the Brookings Institution notes, "Marijuana sits with substances like heroin and ecstasy as what the federal government considers the most dangerous drugs with absolutely no medicinal value."

Hudak describes the industry's state of legal limbo in this video. It's a follow-up to the Brookings Institution's recent call to reschedule cannabis. Check it out:

h/t Radio, ProCon


Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida wants lawmakers to grow up and start let researchers study cannabis. "A lot of the older Republicans say, 'Well, there's not enough research to justify rescheduling,' and then they stand in the way of the research," Gaetz told Fox Business.

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