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Review: The BRNT Designs' Briq Ashtray is the Most Expensive Ashtray that's Worth (Almost) Every Penny

Over the years, I’ve adapted many different objects to ashtrays. I’ve used bowls or mugs, giving them an extra scrub before returning them to their initial utility; I've used the tinfoil on a yogurt cup, craftily folding up the sides to create an ashtray-like shape; and I’ve even used a discarded, still-wet peach pit sitting on a discarded piece of paper. What? The ash (kind of) sticks!

So I’m wasn't sure if the sleek Briq ashtray by Brnt, a contemporary cannabis accessory design shop based in Edmonton, Alberta, would be too fancy for my tastes. Its concrete base is substantial and solid—hefty enough to accessorize a glass coffee table or office desk, but not precious enough to cause any concerns about it breaking. Four niches in each corner of the ashtray serve as a joint holders, but they're elevated from the deep base of the ashtray to keep your roaches safely above the fray.

But its best feature? The walnut lid that quickly masks stale cannabis ash smells and unsightly detritus (a major bonus if guests drop by unexpectedly and you need to de-clutter). Honestly, this simple idea is slightly miraculous for those of us who aren’t, well, clean-obsessed. Why don’t all ashtrays have lids?

But when it’s time, it’s super-easy to clean; all it needs is some water and a wipe with paper towel or a cloth. And don't worry, it seems durable enough to withstand an isopropyl alcohol cleaning if necessary.

The Briq is just one piece in Brnt’s new concrete collection, which also includes the Faro handheld pipe ($50) and the Malula storage container for your stash ($30). The ashtray comes in two colors: Mine is marbled concrete, which softens the brutalist concrete and nicely contrasts with the deep brown walnut lid. But it also comes in a matte black color for the more subdued smoker. But even as nice of an object as it is, can you really justify charging $50 CAD for a concrete ashtray? It’s durable with classic features that will probably last a while. So why not?


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