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British Mother Says Cannabis Oil Cured Her Terminal Cancer

Last year, Tiffany Youngs of the UK was given one month to live after doctors revealed that her cancer was incurable. Today, she credits cannabis oil and a strict diet for saving her life. 

In 2013, Tiffany - who is married to professional rugby player Tom Youngs of Leicester Tigers - was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Initially, it was believed she would overcome the illness, but in 2017 she was told there was no hope of recovery. The hardest part of that diagnosis was having to break the news to her 4-year-old daughter Maisie.

"I said, 'Mummy has been very poorly, and that Mummy would be going to Heaven,'" Youngs recalled. "She started crying. It's the worst thing I have ever had to do and I don't wish it on anyone."

Maisie's heartbreak inspired Tiffany to fight for her life. 

"I decided 'I'm not going anywhere'. I hadn't had a child for her to grow up without a mother....I want to bring her up, so I decided to try an alternative treatment...I had nothing to lose - if it gave me an extra week with Maisie it was worth it. I told Tom we needed to be open-minded."

So rather than giving up, Youngs decided to turn to cannabis oil.

"I hit the oil every night," she said, which was difficult because she was sceptical about medicinal cannabis. "I didn't know if it'd really work. I was sceptical."

On top of that, she maintained a strict dietary regimen.

"I went on a very strict diet plan of juices, no dairy, no red meat, no sugar, no tea or coffee - basically just fish and green juices. I was fasting from 7 PM until noon the next day. I did that for three months and I felt amazing on it."

After sticking with that plan for a year, she received news last February that her cancer was in remission.

"It's all gone. In my pelvis, ovaries, stomach, small bowel - the tumors are gone."

And while she says there is still some work to be done her battle with cancer seems to have made a big turnaround.

"From being told you are going to die, to then finding out you're not, is incredible."


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