British Columbia Will Allow Some Public Marijuana Use

British Columbia is the latest Canadian province to announce its plans for legalizing cannabis. The announcement was made this Monday.

According to the new regulatory regime, adults 19 and over can possess up to 30 grams of recreational marijuana in public, and can have up to 4 plants per household. However, the regulations note, the plants can’t be visible from public spaces off the property. 

Tenants take note: landlords will be able to restrict and prohibit cannabis use on properties as they see fit.

Interestingly, BC has the country’s most liberal approach to public use of recreational cannabis thus far. Cannabis use will be permitted in public areas that allow tobacco use and vaping - with the exception of beaches, parks, and other areas frequented by children. Cannabis use will be banned for occupants of any vehicle.

British Columbians will be able to buy cannabis through government-operated retail stores and online sales. In addition, some BC cities - Victoria and Vancouver - have opted to license and regulate certain ‘grey market’ marijuana dispensaries.

The full details can be found here, and more information will be added as legalization approaches.


The relationship between marijuana use and schizophrenia has been in the news lately after Malcolm Gladwell wrote in The New Yorker that cannabis can lead to the mental illness. But that's not really what science is saying about the issue. The New York Times published a lengthy article examining the idea of marijuana use and schizophrenia.

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