This Guy Wrote Maybe the Most Brilliant (and Complicated) Tinder Message Ever

Convincing someone to go on a date with you on Tinder is like convincing a monkey to put on a tuxedo. It's basically impossible. But one guy found perhaps the most brilliant, and complicated way, to get a Tinder match to give him her number.

A Reddit user named Drewhead118 posted a conversation he had with a girl named Emilia on Tinder. The conversation begins with Emilia asking him to write her a sonnet. And Drewhead's response is incredible. Take a look:

01 crazy tinder message

If you're struggling to figure out the hidden message, the first letter from each line of the sonnet spells out "SEND NUDES EMILIA." Considering how well written the sonnet was, Emilia seemed entertained by the send nudes request instead of repulsed like most Tinder matches would. But that's not where Drewhead stopped! The conversation continued:

02 crazy tinder message

If you go back up to the first message from Drewhead above, you'll read that the first letter from each word spells, "Wanna smash." Again, Emilia seems impressed by Drewhead's creative messages. But once again, it's not over yet! It continues:

03 crazy tinder message

If you read the sonnet again, the first letter of the second word from each line spells, "Phone number pls." But once again, the conversation is not over! It continues one last time:

04 crazy tinder message

Unfortunately Drewhead couldn't figure out a way to spell a secret hidden message using Emilia's responses. But he still got her number in the end.

On one hand, good job by this guy to be creative and stand out on Tinder. But at the same time, this seems like the kind of thing that takes way too long to think up. And now she'll be expecting you to put the same type of thought and creativity into everything the two of you do.

That's why you should just stick to the classics, like, "Are you from Tennessee?"

(h/t Reddit)


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