This Breathalyzer Could Be the Key to Legalizing Marijuana in New York

There are several recent events indicating that the state of New York will legalize recreational marijuana in the near future, including the state's department of health recommending it and Governor Andrew Cuomo convening a working group to write a bill to do so. But apparently there's one development that could lead to legalization very soon.

A new breathalyzer made by a California company could be the breakthrough that leads to marijuana legalization in New York. Hound Labs earlier this week touted their new breathalyzer as the best and most accurate way to test a person for marijuana use during roadside inspections. This technology can improve public safety concerns and allow lawmakers to finally support legalization in places like New York.

Drugged driving was actually one of the few areas of concern the department of health had in their study on marijuana legalization. While the department said all the positive factors outweighed the negatives, they still noted that the state would need to address how to prevent people from driving while high.

But the breathalyzer made my Hound Labs may be the cure. While it's nearly impossible for police officers to determine if someone's recently used marijuana, this breathalyzer will finally allow them to determine it accurately. That should also hopefully discourage people from getting behind the wheel after using cannabis.

So perhaps New York was always one breathalyzer away from legalizing marijuana.

(h/t lohud)


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