Canadian Senate Passes Cannabis Act

The Cannabis Act was passed by the Canadian Senate today. Voted in by a comfortable margin - 56 yeas, 30 nays, and 1 exemption - the new legislation now goes for further scrutiny by the House/Royal Assent before it becomes active.

Bill C-45—or as it is more commonly known, the Cannabis Act—makes marijuana legal for recreational use nationwide with a personal possession amount maximum set at 30 grams. Much of the specifics will be left up to the individual provinces to hash out. This includes things like deciding on the implementation of either government-operated, or private industry sales locations and the eligible age of purchase (most likely to be either 18 or 19 years of age across the country). The bill also allows for the home cultivation of up to 5 cannabis plants, but provinces can ban home-cultivation if they see fit, as Quebec and Manitoba already have.

The bill legalizes the use of concentrates, topicals and unprocessed flower but edible cannabis products will not be available for purchase legally for at least another year. Amsterdam-style cannabis-cafés will be prohibited—at least for the time being—and cannabis use will be largely restricted to private residences. Marketing and packaging for legal cannabis will be highly regulated as well.

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Bernadette McCready, 42, of Airdrie, Scotland, said she was prevented from accessing vital health services once she revealed her cannabis use. McCready had gone to the Royal Alexandra Hospital last June for a surgery. However, physicians told her she needed to leave after she disclosed she had been using cannabis oil to help treat symptoms related to a hysterectomy she had in 2012.

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