Brand New Map Shows Drug Overdose Rates In Every US State

Reddit user datashown has a history of making eye-opening maps and graphs on some of the most important topics in society today. He recently decided to tackle the drug overdose epidemic and show exactly how high overdose numbers have gotten. 

It's a somber reminder. According to the Chicago Tribune, 2015 saw American overdose deaths at an all-time high, mostly due to the prevalence of opioid use. In fact, the CDC reports that over 33,000 people died from opioid overdoses in 2015.

Increases in drug overdose deaths were seen primarily in the northeast and southern regions, with West Virginia, New Hampshire, and Kentucky at the front. 


It should be noted that none of these overdose deaths were caused by marijuana. And in fact, there has never been a single documented death contributed to an overdose of marijuana or cannabis. 


Nowadays, would your parents still be upset if they caught you consuming cannabis? Parents these days have much more progressive opinions on cannabis, and perhaps if they caught their kids consuming, they wouldn't necessarily punish them. While some parents still want their children to wait until the legal age to consume (if they choose to do so, at all), others don't believe it would be the end of the world if they "caught" their kids smoking pot earlier than that.

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