'Breaking Habits' Is a New Documentary About Cannabis-Growing Nuns

The Sisters of the Valley are not your traditional sisterhood of nuns - they prefer the scent of marijuana to frankincense. Now, a film titled Breaking Habits is set to explore their world.

The film was directed by Rob Ryan and centres around Christine Meeusen. She founded the Sisters of the Valley after leaving her cushy job as a corporate executive and her bigamist husband. Meeusen turned to the medicinal cannabis industry and adopted the person of Sister Kate, cannabis nun.

The Sisters have had a wild ride over the past few years. Between run-ins with local law enforcement, drug cartels and the California state Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, Meeusen has to stay on her toes.

The film has now been picked up by Cranked Up for US distribution and should be available to watch in full soon. Until then, you can check out the doc's trailer above.


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