How 'Boy Meets World' Became An Unlikely Cannabis Sitcom

TV shows like That 70s Show and Weeds carved out niches as marijuana comedies by featuring cannabis regularly on screen. One of the strangest sitcoms associated with cannabis culture has to be Boy Meets World, the coming-of-age series starring Ben Savage (younger brother of Wonder Years star Fred Savage), Rider Strong and Will Friedle - who turns 40 today. (Yes, that makes us all feel old.)

BMW is an odd addition to TV's growing list of cannabis shows because the whimsical sitcom didn't feature marijuana in any episodes, even though it was originally broadcast in a decade when other shows reaped big ratings from "very special episodes" like The Joint - a cannabis-themed instalment of Blossom.

Yet somehow over the years, "Boy Meets World" became popular in cannabis culture because of viewers who like to have a puff and watch old episodes. In fact, the phenomenon become so significant that Vanity Fair's Mike Ryan cornered Rider Strong about it when they sat down for a 2011 interview.

"Why is the illegal use of marijuana and Boy Meets World so synonymous?" Ryan asked.

"Good question! I don’t know," Strong said. "I think, maybe, getting high gives you the proper amount of ironic distance to watch something made for, essentially, teenagers. So when you’re in college it was the cool way to sort of...I don’t know. But I’ve definitely heard that a bunch. "

But after thinking over the question for a moment, Strong suggested that the show's surreal elements and heartwarming narratives likely make it appealing to people navigating through the chaos of early adulthood.

"A lot of people come up to me and say, 'That’s how I got through college.' And I think it’s just because it’s a kids’ show but it also has some absurd elements. I mean, we would do a time-travel episode and weird shit. So maybe that’s it? I will bet you that people get high and watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch."

Only time will tell if the show's sequel - Girl Meets World - will also become a cannabis hit (without the cannabis). If you really want to feel old, check out this clip featuring Strong, Friedle and other members of the original cast crashing the new show.

Girl Meets World -Minkus-Angela-Shawn-Eric-Josh-Feeney

h/t Vanity Fair.


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