Boston Radio Station Receives 35 Pound Marijuana Delivery

Every once and awhile you hear a story about marijuana turning up in a random place. But you don't expect that place to be a mailroom.

A 30 pound package filled with marijuana was discovered at a building in Boston that is the home to the radio station 96.9 Hot FM. The police arrived on Tuesday to confiscate the cannabis and sent it to a state lab for testing.

One of the Hot FM radio hosts Ramiro Torres spoke on-air today about how the package came to the radio station. He said that someone had sent the package filled with marijuana to the radio station addressed to one of their friends. They knew since the radio station receives tons of packages, it would probably not be noticed or inspected by anyone. However, whoever sent the package misspelled the name on it, so it was never delivered. In fact, employees at the radio station believe the package could've been sitting in the mailroom for weeks without anyone noticing.

The police have not said if any charges will be filed for the incident.

Although we shouldn't discount that this could've been a struggling musician trying to get their mixtape some valuable airtime on the radio. After all, we all know that's the only place people can discover music in 2018.

(h/t MassLive)


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