Boston Police Say They Won't Help the Feds Crackdown on Legal Marijuana

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded a policy that protected states with legal marijuana, many worried it was the first step towards a federal crackdown on cannabis. If that's the case, Sessions better not start in Massachusetts, because he won't find any friends there.

The Boston Police Department and Massachusetts State Police both said that they have no intention of raiding legal marijuana businesses, even if the federal government institutes a crackdown. They noted that the citizens of Massachusetts voted on the law and the state government passed a bill instituting it, so as far they're concerned that's the only law they have to enforce.

“We have a state law that we’re intending to enforce, and the state law was voted on by the people of Massachusetts," said Massachusetts Public Safety Secretary Daniel Bennett, who oversees the state police. "We have no intention of raiding a pot shop that is legal under state law.”

A Boston PD spokesperson made a similar statement.

“Similar to our position on immigration, the BPD will not actively enforce federal marijuana laws at the local level," said Detective Lt. Michael McCarthy. "We will continue to enforce local drug laws to keep our neighborhoods safe.”

Recreational marijuana is set to become legal in Massachusetts this July. Despite Sessions' recent policy change, the state says they're moving forward with implementing regulations for the industry.

There seems to be some disagreement about whether Sessions' policy change will actually mean anything to marijuana businesses. A Colorado U.S. Attorney said there would be no changes in enforcement of federal marijuana laws, while another in Massachusetts said he couldn't guarantee protections for legal cannabis businesses.

But you know if you have all the police officers in a state saying your policy will not be enforced, you probably have a bad policy.

(h/t Boston Herald)


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