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Boston Mayor Says City Will Get Its First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary 'in a Few Months'

Pot shops are coming to Boston, its just not clear when.

The rollout of legal cannabis in Massachusetts has been a long and laborious process. Although voters approved a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana back in 2016, numerous delays prevented the state's first two dispensaries until late last month. And neither pot shop is located in Boston.

However, on Friday Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D) said the city has received 50 applications for retail cannabis licenses in the city. So far, only four have been approved, and when exactly they'll be open remains a bit of a mystery.

"In a few months, we will probably have the first marijuana shop," Walsh told WGBH.

Walsh was referring to Ascend, which is working to set up shop in Boston's North Station area. And while Walsh insists that Bostonians won't have to wait too much longer to buy legal weed nearby, Ascend's owner Andrea Cabral isn't so sure. On Thursday, Cabral predicted her shop wouldn't be open until "late fall 2019."

Walsh said he was aware of Cabral's estimated timeline and said he's working to move things along. The question now is, how long will that take?


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