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This Boston Dispensary Wants to Be the 7-Eleven of Marijuana

Recreational marijuana in Massachusetts became legal only two weeks ago, but now one cannabis company in the state already has set their eyes on becoming the 7-Eleven of marijuana.

TILT is a Boston-based cannabis company that says they want to become the 7-Eleven or UberEats of marijuana (which is sort of weird because those are two very different companies). Essentially, TILT helps dispensaries make sure they're ready for business. They help with supply, marketing, online ordering and much, much more.

"Basically if you have a license we can help build you a store and stock your shelves," said Joel Milton, the founder, and CEO of Baker, one of four companies that joined together to create TILT.

TILT's first dispensary is set to open in January in Taunton, Massachusetts. They say the Taunton facility alone should create around 225 jobs, and they're hoping to open two more dispensaries in the near future. The Taunton facility already has 20,000 cannabis plants ready in anticipation for recreational sales.

Of course, being located on the East Coast definitely helps right now, considering there's no other state in the region that allows recreational cannabis sales. So being able to standout in Massachusetts is a lot easier than a West Coast company.

But if they truly want to become the 7-Eleven of cannabis dispensaries, they'll have to start selling crappy microwave hot dogs at checkout.

(h/t MassLive)


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