This Smart Backpack Alerts You When Someone Is Trying To Steal It

Anyone who’s ever had their stuff pilfered on vacation knows there’s no better way to put a damper on your travels.

A new ‘smart’ backpack is hoping to put a stop to tourist-targeting crooks once and for all.

Boolsa is the smartphone-enabled backpack that alerts its owner when someone is trying to break into it or snag it.

It works by allowing users to arm and disarm a security alarm on the backpack via a smartphone app. When you step out of the vicinity of your bag, the pack can set off a high-pitched alarm if someone tries to take it or get inside of it. The alarm also works when you’re wearing the bag.

Beyond the alarm function, the bag also has an SOS button that can send your location to a designated emergency contact. You can also track the bag yourself if you lose it, and find its location via the app.

Boosla Backpack

What’s more, any would-be thieves who do manage to get their paws on your bag won’t be able to access any of its features and you’ll be sent a notification with its location info.

Of course, all of this would be pointless if the bag didn’t have all the other necessities of a good travel pack. Thankfully, it includes water-resistant outer materials, an inner organizational system, gadget charging station, hidden pockets, and even a shoe compartment.

The high-tech bag is currently being funded via Kickstarter and can be viewed here.

h/t Travel and Leisure


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