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Bono On Trump's America: 'You Have A Post-Truth President Leading A Post-Trust Country'

The rise of President Trump didn't spring from a problem with American politics but with human nature itself, according to U2 frontman Bono. The singer/philanthropist says Trump (a.k.a. 'this dude who shall not be named') is nothing more than the latest incarnation of the primordial human.

"Big primates have been around a lot longer than democracy, and this dude who shall not be named – he is just a new manifestation of that big primate," Bono recently told Rolling Stone. "[B]ig primates have always ruled the environments, and democracy is not the natural habitat of homo sapiens."

And he thinks we're in danger of losing our adoptive environment if we stand aside while Trump attacks the very lifeblood of that habitat.

"Democracy is a remarkable conceit that depends on an effective news media," Bono explained. "So 'fake news' is not a fake threat. You have a post-truth president leading a post-trust country. The chilling bit is not that the big primate is quite smart, which he clearly is, but what if he was very smart and less easy to read."

But rather than simply vilifying Trump, Bono placed the blame on politicians and policymakers who failed to understand the discontent that fuelled his successful presidential campaign.

"What also should be easy to read are the lessons the left and right need to learn from how this absurdity came about," he added. "It shouldn't take a reality-TV star to read the boos and hisses of discontent people ready to roll the dice on business not as usual. We all need to do a better job of understanding where that anger and sense of displacement comes from."

So before taking on Trump in the 2020 election, progressives need to tune out the pundits and listen to the gripes of reality-TV consumers.


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