This Video Shows How to Use Boiling Water to Remove Dents From Your Car

If you've never explored the World of YouTube Life Hacks, you're missing out. And you're probably going through life putting more effort into simple tasks than required. These life hacks can be anything from opening up difficult bottles or cans to how to waterproof your own shoes. Sure, they're not going to dramatically change your life, but you'll definitely enjoy them.

A YouTube video's been gaining a lot of attention recently for showing a life hack that seems too crazy to work. In the video, a guy shows how to remove dents from a car using...boiling water. Yep, sounds crazy. And yet, there's video evidence that it works. Take a look:

It makes sense when he uses the plunger on the first dent. The boiling water probably weakened the metal a little and that allowed him to pull the dent out. But on the second dent, he just pushes on different parts of the bumper. How the heck does that work?

There's probably some complex (or probably simple) scientific explanation for how this works. But we're just going to guess it's magic. Dark, dangerous magic that we're definitely going to use on our car as soon as we get home.


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