Bob Saget Regrets Doing Whippets with John Stamos and Dave Coulier Backstage at 'Full House'

Without a doubt, 'Full House' was one of the most family-friendly sitcoms in television history, but things weren't so G-rated behind the scenes, where Bob Saget once killed time by doing whippets with co-stars John Stamos and Dave Coulier. 

"I was in a prop room at 'Full House', and John, Dave and I were bored. And there were 40 cans of whip cream 'cause they needed them for Michelle's birthday party. They were just sitting there," Saget recalled while shooting an 'Over/Under' interview for Pitchfork.

Danny Tanner, Uncle Jessie and Joey Gladstone would never think of using those whipped cream canisters to get high, but Saget, Stamos and Coulier weren't as wholesome as their on-screen personas. In fact, they must've tried whippets before since they knew exactly what they were up to, based on Saget's detailed retelling of not only what they did but why.

"If you just tilt it [the whip cream cans], the air comes out — nitrous oxide, I believe — which can be brain-damaging, but we were doing 'Full House,' so the damage had been done."

But that buzz soon soured when Saget realized that they had literally spoiled the party for Michelle Tanner (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen).

"When they went to do Michelle's birthday party, they couldn't get any whip cream out of the canisters, so it kinda ruined her party," Saget recalled. "It was mischievously underrated but overrated because it's a wrong thing to do. It's a kid's birthday party, and it's your TV daughter, who you care about."  

Check out the full interview below:


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