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'Black Insomnia' Is The World's Strongest Coffee - At Long Last You Can Now Try It

Americans can now get a taste of the world’s strongest coffee – because both sleep and sanity are overrated, right?

With a name like Black Insomnia, it sounds more like a death-metal band or a grisly horror flick (or some nightmarish combination of the two), but in fact, it’s the South African coffee brand that holds the title for the planet’s most caffeinated cup of joe.

With more than four times the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee – 702 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce cup to a regular coffee’s 150 milligrams – the year-old company boasts the vaguely daunting promise of “dangerously high levels of caffeine.”

And now, thanks to Amazon, it’s available in the U.S. for the first time ever.

American caffeine addicts can order a 16-ounce bag – which the company claims is “strictly pure coffee” from sourcing the most highly caffeinated Robusta beans – for $19.99. For all its ferocious branding, the company promises drinkers “a nice walnut and almost sweet taste profile... without a burnt and high acidic flavor.”

Black Insomnia recently beat out Death Wish Coffee Company for the honor of world’s strongest coffee, after an independent analysis by a lab in Switzerland deemed the South African brand the “clear winner.”

It’s not certain whether you, too, will come out a winner after a few cups of this stuff, but at least you’ll feel like one – at least until the caffeine crash to end all caffeine crashes hits you.

h/t Food and Wine


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