Black As Your Soul: Does Drinking Black Coffee Make You A Psychopath?

In this weird and self-absorbed modern world, the most insignificant personal quirk - your tie color, your favorite sushi, or your phone case, for example - can be read as a grand statement about your personality.

The latest bit of trivia pop-psychologists are using to determine your worth as a person? Coffee. And those who prefer black may feel a sudden impulse to seek counselling.

A new study published in Appetite found Americans who enjoyed bitter tastes (e.g. celery, beer, radishes, coffee) tended to score higher on tests measuring traits in the "Dark Triad": psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism, plus something called "everyday sadism."

Ominous for those who order that double espresso "black as my soul." But Gizmodo writer Ria Misra identified a problem with the Appetite study.

"Instead of actually giving people something to taste-test, they went with a survey asking people about their food and taste preferences. This is a problem because, when it comes to food, people (and not just ones with traits in the Dark Triad) are liars. It's not necessarily done deliberately and not always even consciously. But, with a few exceptions, our food preferences are very much shaped by the moment - and the things we say about our food preferences are not only very changeable, they also bear very little on how we actually behave."

So, good news, Patrick Bateman and Dexter Morgan: your morning coffee order won't tip anyone off to your dark secret.

h/t Gizmodo, Appetite, Death and Taxes


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