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This Bizarre See-Through Sweater Costs Over $2,000 For Some Reason

The world of high fashion is weird and impossible to understand. They hold giant fashion shows where models where ridiculous outfits that no one would ever buy while celebrities snap pictures from the front row. But even in the weird world of fashion, this sweater still stands out.

Buzzfeed recently pointed out a...let's say..."unique" sweater offered by Calvin Klein known as the "Multicolor Wool Cheerleader Sweater." But that name doesn't actually explain what the outfit is. A better name would be the "See-Through Sweater Torso With Arms."

calvin klein see through sweater

As you can see, this sweater inexplicably contains full sleeves that resemble a Letterman's jacket while also being completely see-through at the torso. Now, if you're questioning whether this actually is a sweater and not just a guy with two sleeves on his arms and showing off his bare chest, Buzzfeed examined the photo and determined that, yes, this is a full sweater.

buzzfeed see through sweaterNow that you're convinced that this is an actual sweater, you're probably assuming it's some sort of joke or satire about the ridiculousness of the fashion industry. Well, you'd be wrong again. This sweater is sold by actual stores and can be purchased online at the website SSENSE. In fact, you can purchase it yourself for a mere €1810, which is around $2,165 on their website

But occasion could this possibly be for? It is made out of wool, so it can only be worn in colder weather. But most people let themselves go a little bit in the winter months since they're usually wearing baggier, heavy clothing that doesn't show off their body as much.

Maybe this is a motivation tool for people to stay in shape. They need to maintain their summer bods all year long otherwise they'll look ridiculous when they pull out this sweater.

That's literally the only possible reason I can imagine for someone buying this.


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