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Biz And Mari Discuss Life On The Set Of 'The Stoner Girl Diary'

Nobody mixes business and pleasure quite like the creators of 'The Stoner Girl Diary' - an advocacy/lifestyle channel on YouTube. When we asked Biz and Mari of 'Stoner Girl Diary' what they considered the perfect setting for a sesh, they chose their own workplace.

"While this may sound cheesy, our favorite place to consume is always our Stoner Girl Diary set," Biz and Mari told Civilized over email. "Whenever we record an episode, we get excited to educate our audience about whatever the topic of the day is. It gives our sessions a higher sense of purpose."

The keyword there is "purpose." Biz and Mari started 'Stoner Girl Diary' to shed a positive light on cannabis and distance themselves from the stereotypical portrayal of stoners with tie-dye shirts, red-eyes, and Cheeto-dusted fingertips.

And they think their normalized portrayal of cannabis culture will become mainstream in the near future.

"We predict that five years from now marijuana will finally be normalized. It will be regulated and sold just like alcohol and it will be the biggest growing industry in the U.S."

Tell us about your typical day.

At Stoner Girl Diary, we typically shoot at least one piece of content per day. In order to get camera-ready, we love using CannaSmack and their entire Luxe line which always makes us feel fresh and ready to take on the day!


Once our morning beauty rituals have been taken care of, we always head into the production studio around 10 AM to either brainstorm with the production crew or to get to work on any existing projects. By the time we head out of the studio at 6 PM, we typically try our best to grab a healthy dinner but not before having a little sesh to decompress!

What's your favorite way to consume cannabis?

We love dry leaf. Our favorite way to consume cannabis is by dry leaf pipe or bubbler. It takes us back to the days when our ancestors would smoke pipes to come together as a community.

What is your go-to munchie?

Our go-to munchie is usually anything that won't make us feel gross and heavy after eating it. We try to make smart decisions when it comes to nutrition because you are what your eat.


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