Billy Ray Cyrus Used To Smoke Weed Out Of A Red Bull Can, According To Miley

Billy Ray Cyrus - the multiplatinum country star with the mullet and the ‘achy breaky heart’ - never seemed like a cannabis fan.

But at a recent Nashville show where his daughter Miley was promoting her new album Younger Now, he was outed as having a unique way to consume.

A Red Bull can.

"Not even out of a glass pipe! Not even out of a paper!” Miley Cyrus remembered. "I was like, 'Damn! Somebody turned on a fog machine in my dressing room or something?' Oh shit, no, my dad got stoned.”

"Oh please! You are ruining these children's image of your father,” Billy Ray responded.

Miley recently gave up weed after a very public detour into outspoken cannabis advocacy, hanging out with Snoop Dogg and recording with The Flaming Lips.

h/t Rolling Stone


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