Billy Ray Cyrus Showed Off a Really Big Weed Vault on Twitter

Famed country singer Billy Ray Cyrus shared a photo last week of his wife Tish standing in front of a very large vault filled with of an awful lot of marijuana.

As the couple's daughter Miley Cyrus has revealed in past interviews, Tish is quite the smoker these days; apparently her mother "smokes more pot than anyone I know." Though, according to Billy Ray, that wasn't always the case. He once had to buy her a very lavish gift after getting caught smoking up.

But if he bought her that vault's worth of weed, he could be in more trouble. The Cyrus family has lived in both California and Tennessee and in neither of those states would it be OK to have that much recreational cannabis. Although California repealed cannabis prohibition back in 2016, you still can't possess more than one ounce of flower. Getting caught with more than that can mean up to six months in prison and a $500 fine. 

Things would be much worse if they had that weed vault in Tennessee, where cannabis is still prohibited. Possession of anything more than a half ounce of marijuana is considered a felony offense that can nab you up to a whopping 60 years behind bars and a $200,000 fine.

Of course, Billy Ray didn't actually say the vault was his own personal stash, so it's entirely possible that he and Tish were simply visiting a dispensary or a cultivator and wanted to share a snapshot of the experience. Whether or not the vault in the picture actually belongs to the Cyruses, the couple is certainly starting to prove that they may be even bigger marijuana icons than their weed-loving daughter.

h/t Pop Culture


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