Can Billy Ray Cyrus Lead The Nashville Predators To Victory?

Billy Ray Cyrus' heart isn't feeling achy or breaky for women anymore. Nowadays he's longing for his favorite hockey team - the Nashville Predators - to win the Stanley Cup, and he's even written a song about it.

Last weekend, Cyrus debuted the tune 'Bring the Stanley Cup to Tennessee' on Nashville's local NBC-affiliate. The song's as straightforward as its title, which is also the opening lines. The other verses cheer on the team and reveal what Cyrus plans to do if the Predators win hockey's top trophy this month. "If I had one wish, I'd take this catfish and set it by the Stanley Cup in Tennessee," he sang. (It's a tradition among Preds fans to chuck catfish onto the ice at games.

But before Billy can toss a catfish in the Cup, Nashville has to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins, who took a two-game lead in the best-of-seven series last week before returning to Nashville, where the home team rallied to win on the same day that Cyrus sang his hockey song. So he might have to perform it live three more times for the Predators to clinch the Cup. Otherwise, his heart will definitely ache and break again.

Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final starts tonight at 8 ET in Nashville. 


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