Billy Bush Reveals What He'd Do Differently If The 'Access Hollywood' Scandal Happened Again

Billy Bush stopped by 'Real Time' yesterday to chat with host Bill Maher about the 'Access Hollywood' scandal that cost Bush his job last year. During the chat, Bush opened up about what he'd do differently if he could turn back the clock to the day Donald Trump bragged about assaulting women. 

"Probably would've just changed the topic," Bush said, adding that his job security was on the line. "I was the entertainment correspondent for NBC, and he was the cash cow." So there would be major repercussions if he lost contact with one of the network's biggest stars, he explained.

But that hasn't stopped him from speaking candidly about the situation now. 

"It is weird that [Trump] kept his job and you lost yours," Maher noted. "How has that made you feel [over] the last year and a half?"

"Shitty," Bush said with a sigh.

Find out how he's been coping with the ordeal in the clip above.


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