Bill O'Reilly's Worst Marijuana Moments

Bill O'Reilly - CNN's cantankerous commentator - isn't a fan of cannabis. The host of The O'Reilly Factor has expressed support for a limited form of decriminalization that would fine casual smokers but imprison dealers. But he's opposed to recreational marijuana and frequently uses a Reefer Madness type of hysteria to shoot down proponents of legalization. 

And yet O'Reilly - who turns 67 today - has arguably helped marijuana activists by painting prohibitionists in a poor light. Here are his worst marijuana moments.

1. Pot roast of Gary Johnson

When Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson admitted to smoking marijuana last June, O'Reilly summed up the issue with the sort of tact and sophistication you'd expect from a FOX News host. "So...pothead in the White House. What do you think?"

He and his guests spent the next two minutes cramming as many stoner jokes as they could into the segment, with groaners like, "It could be fun because the Secret Service has a codename already: Puff the Magic Dragon." Even O'Reilly scoffed at that one.


2. Bad marijuana math

In 2014, O'Reilly got into a heated argument with Dr. Carl Hart - a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University who specializes in drug addiction. O'Reilly showed his usual bluster when disagreeing over the percentage of minors consuming marijuana in America. But the host got served in the exchange.

CH: Your number is wrong.

BO: Take it up with the National Institutes of Health.

CH: I am a council member on the National Institute of Health. Your number is wrong.

A few minutes later, O'Reilly admitted he was wrong after his staff checked the numbers. The rate of underage consumption wasn't as high as he suggested.

3. Snoop drops the gauntlet

O'Reilly has made a lot of enemies over the year. But few have called him out quite like Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, Jr.

"Fuck Bill O'Reilly," Snoop said during a March 2011 interview on Dutch TV. The rapper was angry with the FOX News host for taking swipes with him over his arrest record - including busts for marijuana.

"I'd love to go on his show," Snoop added. "But we'd have to do it in my neighborhood though. So I can kick his motherfucking ass."

O'Reilly later replayed the interview on his show and mocked The Doggfather's threat. "Yeah, like Calvin lives in the ghetto. Is a pool boy going to beat me up there, Snoopy?" 

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