Bill Nye Talks Cannabis: "I'm Not Crazy About The Smell"

Celebrity scientist Bill Nye will delve into the world of cannabis on the new season of his Netflix series, "Bill Nye Saves The World".

In an interview with CNET, Nye talks about how the experience "refined [his] attitude" towards marijuana, and discusses why it needs to be rescheduled, saying "there’s a very strong argument that keeping at as a Schedule I drug is not based on any science.”

For those wondering, Nye doesn't actually consume cannabis on the episode. The clip above shows him shopping at a dispensary, but Nye insists that "I gave it to the props department". But fear not: he assures viewers that "you’ll see me play Ultimate Frisbee with teammates who are high."

Yeah, we're there. 

The new season of "Bill Nye Saves The World" hits Netflix on December 29.

h/t Marijuana Moment


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