Hanks And Colbert Square Off On Which Loser Is More Lovable - Cubs Or Indians

Battle lines are being drawn across America as baseball fans decide which long-suffering team deserves a World Series victory the most - the Chicago Cubs or Cleveland Indians. And America's top celebrities are also entering the fray. Here's where some notable personalities stand on the World Series.

1. Bill Murray: Cubs

Nothing epitomizes the pain and suffering that Cubs fans have endured during the club's 108 year championship drought quite like Bill Murray getting choked up when his team made the World Series.

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Cubs

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Sharon Graphics / Flickr.com

Her Seinfeld character Elaine caused a stir by wearing a Baltimore Orioles hat to a Yankees game. But the comedian's true loyalty lies with the Cubs.

3. Eddie Vedder: Cubs

Grunge bands were known for being apathetic, but Pearl Jam lead singer broke that stereotype when the Cubs clinched the National League pennant. 

4. Stephen Colbert: Cubs

The Late Show host is such a huge Cubs fan that he actually moonlighted as a concession worker at Wrigley Field last month.

5. Hillary Clinton: Cubs

Hillary Clinton first gained national attention as First Lady of Arkansas, but she was born in Chicago. And her Windy City roots showed when she found out the hometown Cubs made the World Series.

6. Tom Hanks: Indians

America's dad braced for backlash when he announced his support for Cleveland earlier this week on The Late Show.

"You can all stick your pins in me right now," he told host Stephen Colbert. "I know the entire world, and three legged dogs and orphan children are all rooting for the Chicago Cubs." But Hanks developed a fondness for the Indians after "spend[ing] three long hot summers doing Shakespeare in Cleveland, blowing time watching the Indians play."

7. Stephen King: Indians

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George Koroneo / Shutterstock.com

Tom Hanks isn't the only one sick of all the attention Chicago's getting. Horror writer Stephen King recently took to Twitter to rally support for the Tribe.

8. Lebron James: Indians

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Machalski / Shutterstock.com

Stephen isn't the only King supporting The Tribe. Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James showed support for his hometown team on Twitter recently.

9. Charlie Sheen: Indians

Alright, we're not sure if Sheen is actually a Cleveland fan. But he did pitch for the Indians in the movies 'Major League' and 'Major League II'. And he offered to throw out the ceremonial first pitch to support The Tribe.

10. Arsenio Hall: Indians

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The former talk show host says he's been waiting for this moment for almost 50 years.

BONUS: Will Ferrell

Regardless of which team you root for, everyone can enjoy Will Ferrell's impersonation of legendary Chicago sportscaster Harry Caray. The Saturday Night Live alumnus made a surprise appearance as Caray earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!



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