If you hate seeing the likes of Steve Bannon and alt-rights spokespeople disrupt American politics, then Bill Maher has a controversial solution for you. "We need affirmative action for Republicans in show business," he said yesterday on 'Real Time.' "They're not good enough to make it on their own, but if we give them a leg up, maybe they won't take their rejection out on the whole country."

Maher backed up his argument by noting that before Steve Bannon became a spokesman for the alt-right, he was a failed scriptwriter peddling an adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Corionalus' as a rap musical about the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

Meanwhile, fanatical NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch allegedly entered the political arena after her sitcom - about a far-right radio host who had to juggle work with motherhood - got shot down. (Though Loesch denies that story.)

And Andrew Breitbart hoped to launch a career as a comedy writer before founding the far-right news network that bears his name. 

"That is why I implore all Hollywood execs next time a conservative comes to you with a really dumb idea for a movie or a TV show, just fucking do it," Maher pleaded. 

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