Bill Maher To Democrats: 'You're Gonna Lose The Marijuana Issue If You're Not Careful'

If Democrats don't cement marijuana legalization as party policy, they're going to lose the issue - and cannabis voters - to Republicans, according to Bill Maher. But the 'Real Time' host thinks cannabis could be the key to winning the 2018 midterm elections if candidates embrace legalization.

"Hey Democrats, you're going to lose this issue if you're not careful because now Republicans smell the money," Maher said in reference to former House Speaker John Boehner's recent decision to join the cannabis industry.

"Democrats need this issue," Maher stressed. "This election is hardly in the bag, especially considering that when it comes to showing up for the midterms, Democrats are electorally challenged. What we need is a sweetener to rouse the liberal base and I think pot would do the trick."

And the trick to revving up that base is to get cannabis consumers to defend weed with the same ferocity as gun owners defend the Second Amendment.

"We need to turn potheads into single-issue voters too," Maher added. "It shouldn't be that hard because nobody's really coming for your guns. But Jeff Sessions really does want to take away your pot, for which there is not protection like the Second Amendment."

And he doesn't think turning marijuana into a personal freedom and lifestyle issue will be that hard considering how many things gun owners and cannabis consumers have in common. Check out his breakdown cannabis and gun culture in this clip:


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