Bill Maher Smoked A Joint On Live TV And Twitter Freaked Out

Bill Maher sent a wake-up call - or rather, a wake-and-bake-up call - to cannabis aficionados across America on Feb. 12. Maher wrapped up the latest episode of Real Time with a look at cannabis legalization, which he considers a civil rights issue. And in the final seconds, he sparked controversy by lighting a joint on air:

"This is private property and I do have a card," Maher said through a cloud of smoke. "In conclusion, please remember that legalizing pot is a long way from a done deal."

Then he passed off the joint to his guests, including Killer Mike, who happily puffed away on camera.

It's not the first time that someone has lit up a joint on the show: Zach Galifianakis did it back in 2010. Or did he? In a tweet after the show, Maher said Galifianakis' joint was a dud. Here's how the twitterverse reacted to the stunt:

Some saw it as pot's coming out party:

There were calls for an encore:

Others praised Maher's craftsmanship:

Even abstainers showed support:

But those who do smoke criticized Maher's manners:

Some wanted more intel on the joint in question:

And that was just one of the follow-up questions:

We've got a few answers for Janet's queries about cancer, conventional (and unconventional) ways to consume cannabis, and the munchies.

History was debated:

We couldn't find the Belushi sketch in question - if he did, in fact, toke on air as Beethoven. But Cypress Hill did light a joint on SNL in 1993 and were banned forever as a result.

The were the unbelievers:

But audience members said it was real:

Some think Maher's guest list got lighter:

But others thought Obama should put Maher in cabinet:

And in case you missed it, here's the full video. The whole segment is worth watching, but he lights the joint itself around 5:50:



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