Bill Maher And Eric Holder Call For Abolishing The Electoral College

Bill Maher says President-Elect Donald Trump was right when he claimed the electoral system was rigged on the campaign trail. But it's actually rigged in the Republican Party's favor, according to the Real Time host, who sat down last Friday with former Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss the system.

Or broken system, you'd say if you think Clinton should be president since she won the popular vote. On election night, she had more than half a million more total votes than Trump. And when absentee ballots are tabulated, she could wind up with a 2 percent edge in the popular vote. But none of that matters because it's the electoral college that decides the presidency.

For now, at least. But some influential figures want that to change. And Maher is leading that discussion.

"How do we solve this problem where we [Democrats] win the election, but we don't get to be president," Maher asked Holder. "Because this has happened twice now...Al Gore and now Hillary. And it seems to be happening to only one party."

"There's a simple solution to it: we just need to abolish the electoral college," Holder said. 

Of course, "simple" is a stretch. Holder acknowledged that rejigging the system would require a constitutional amendment. And since the Republicans control Congress, it seems unlikely that they would meddle with an electoral process that has benefitted them in two elections now. But Maybe Holder - who is currently writing an article on the electoral college - is just keeping his game plan close to the chest for now.

Check out the interview below, which includes Holder and Maher discussing ways to improve voter turnout. About 100 million eligible voters didn't cast ballots last Tuesday, which could swing an election either way. So Democrats hoping to regain executive power might want to focus on ways to make voting more popular rather than tweaking the popular vote.


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