Bill Maher Has A Surprising, Yet Sensible Explaination For Donald Trump's Success

A lot of people have wondered how Donald Trump - a person with no professional political experience and little tact - managed to become the Republican presidential nominee. But Bill Maher thinks he has the answer.

"Donald Trump is the grown up version of every pain-in-the-ass kid who ever sat behind you on a plane, kicking the back of your seat while the parents did nothing," he said on this week's episode of Real Time.

"Stop trying to pin the rise of Donald Trump on easy targets like racism, xenophobia and fetal alcohol syndrome. And put the blame where it belongs: on the self-esteem movement."

Check out Maher's animated explanation for Trump's inflated ego. And click through the list to see other highlights from this week in late night TV.

1. Meyers Digs into Clinton's Leaked Emails

Trump isn't the only one having a tough week. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton became mired in controversy after the latest leak of emails that included remarks made during paid speeches for Wall Street moguls. The issue came up during the second presidential debate, when moderators asked Clinton to explain her remark that politicians need to have a public and private position on issues. Which makes her seem two-faced.

Clinton explained that she was actually discussing the 2012 movie Lincoln when she made that statement.

Trump scoffed at her response. But Late Night host Seth Meyers verified her story after sifting through the leaked documents and discovering that she was discussing that film at the time. 

"So I guess the real scandal here is that bankers paid thousands of dollars for Hillary Clinton's movie reviews," he quipped.

But Meyers also found that Hillary once said Wall Street insiders should be trusted with regulating Wall Street. "You think billionaires regulating themselves is a good idea? Have you met your opponent?"

2. Obama's Guantanamo Bay Conundrum

Ever since he was elected president, Barack Obama has been trying to close the U.S. detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. Closing Gitmo was actually one of his campaign promises during the 2008 election, but numerous obstacles have gotten in his way. And the reasons are about as complicated as you would expect for a facility that houses prisoners who are being held indefinitely without trial.

Luckily, John Oliver explained the issue - and why he thinks the prison should be closed - on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight. Here's how he summarized the injustice of the situation.

"There might well be detainees who we scooped up as young men. Who we think are guilty, but who will never get a trial. And they will be there until they die."

3. James Corden's Office Beatboxer

Corporations have tried all sorts of things to make office life more fun -- from installing slides to making a company game room. But Late Late Show host James Corden has taken things a step further by trying out an office beatboxer, who performs for callers placed on hold and for employees in the washroom. Think your office should look into it?

4. Jimmy Fallon's Disco Duet

Saturday Night Live fans were treated to a throwback this week on The Tonight Show. Host Jimmy Fallon reprised his impersonation of Barry Gibb, which was part of the recurring Barry Gibb Talk Show sketches. And the real Bee Gees singer showed up to take part in the sketch. 



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