Bill Maher Urges States to Enact Marijuana Laws that Congress Will Not

Bill Maher is no friend of Donald Trump or the Republican Congress. But he's not just complaining about them 24/7. He's also offering solutions for how liberals can continue pushing their agendas despite resistance from the federal government, and it involves state governments. 

Maher used his "New Rule" segment to advocate for liberal state governments to pass legislation that the national government will not. This includes anything from environmental regulations to combat climate change, to protections of immigrants living in their states to legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. He noted that California has already begun to do many of these things under Governor Jerry Brown and called on more states to do the same. 

Unfortunately, this advice may fall on deaf ears. Currently, 32 of the 50 states have legislatures where both the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans, while Democrats only control 12. Likewise 34 of the 50 governors of the United States are also Republicans.

On the bright side, California seems to be continuing to push the progressive agenda. And considering about 1 in 8 Americans lives in Cali, that's still a considerable amount of progress. 


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