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7 Biggest Marijuana Innovations From 2017

When you think about industries that are in a state of constant innovation right now, marijuana has to come to mind. With more states legalizing cannabis, the economic potential of the market is growing constantly. And companies are trying to keep up with it by improving the industry, whether at the production or consumption level. Here are the 7 of the biggest marijuana innovations from 2017.

1. LED Lighting

Lighting is hugely important for any indoors marijuana grows, and it’s no surprise the industry is constantly looking into creating cheaper and more sustainable ways to keep their crops lit. 2017 saw many companies invest in LED lighting, and research is showing that the technology is both longer-lasting and more cost efficient than other types of lighting. Research and development of LED lighting will continue for the industry going forward.

2. Microdosing

Microdosing is a method of consuming marijuana where someone takes only a small amount of it at a time, so they can get the benefits without too much of the high. It’s the latest trend and became even more popular in 2017 for consumers, and companies are investing in ways to appeal to microdosers through new products and technology.

3. Cannabis Mints

One product that became popular in 2017 to appeal to microdosers is Kiva Confections’ “Petra Mints.” The mints contain only a small amount of THC, so users don’t get high off the product but still receive the same benefits as using cannabis normally.

4. Terpene Isolation

Terpene isolation is an incredibly common technique in the fragrance industry to isolate certain aromas from flowers or other plants to impart into their products. But now it’s crossing over to the marijuana industry, with some speculating that it could be the future of the industry. And the technology for isolating the terpenes in marijuana plants is only improving as companies begin to see the massive potential in this area of the market.

5. Daily High Club

While it didn’t launch in 2017, the Daily High Club became more popular this year as people began seeking out the monthly cannabis products subscription service. Considering there are monthly subscription boxes for anything ranging from clothes to hot sauces, it’s not surprising that a similar service for marijuana would begin to take off as well.

6. Nova Decarboxylator

When making edibles, there will often be a step called “decarboxylation,” which means adding heat to marijuana to activate the cannabinoids. But doing so on your own can be tricky, so the new Nova Decarboxylator will do the process for you. This means less work and also means a more effective process so you get the full potential from your marijuana.

7. Stillwater Ripple Powder

What if I told you there was a powder you could put on any food or in any beverage and it would instantly make it into cannabis product? That’s exactly what the Stillwater Ripple products are. It’s a calorie-free, odorless and flavorless powder that can be put on food and beverages to allow the same effects from using marijuana. And you’ll feel the effects quicker than with other edibles.


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