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The Biggest Export From Every State

When you think about exports by state, there are some that are pretty obvious. You have cars in Michigan and oil in Texas, and probably potatoes in Idaho. But are those really the biggest export in each state?

HowMuch.Net researched the biggest exports in each state. And while most of the results were exactly as you'd expect, there definitely were some surprises. Here's a look at a map showing all the results:

biggest export in every state

As you can see, most states have either oil/gas or some type of vehicle as their biggest export. But there are definitely some fun ones. For instance, Idaho's cheap export is "chips," which is not surprising given the state's history with potatoes. And Maine's biggest export is lobsters, which also shouldn't surprise anyone. Also Wyoming's cheap export is "Soda Ash," whatever that is.

Also, it's unusual to see so many states producing airplanes. 17 different states' biggest export is airplanes. Who are they exporting these airplanes to? It seems like every state's already making airplanes! 

Also New York's biggest export is diamonds, which says a lot about that state, doesn't it?

(h/t HowMuch.Net)


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