This California Regulation is Killing the Birthplace of Modern Cannabis

Many in the cannabis industry believe that Big Sur is the birthplace of modern cannabis. With ideal amounts of sun, topography, temperature and overall climate, strains such as Big Sure Holy became legendary worldwide. But ridiculous regulations in Monterey county that ban outdoor-grown cannabis are essentially ruining the quality of cannabis strains endemic to this fertile region - making many classic Big Sur strains no longer available. The reason strains like Big Sur Holy are legendary is because they are grown in the Big Sur sun. But now, farmers are forced to grow in indoor greenhouses, which is much more expensive, and creates an inferior product in a region tailor-made to grow the greatest weed in the world. 

The Big Sur Farmers Association (BSFA) represents cannabis farmers of the Santa Lucia Region by identifying and promoting the region while preserving the legacy farming of Monterey County. A number of the farmers in this region are considered part of the backbone that created this industry because some of them have been cultivating for almost 60 years. Now the BSFA is helping to legalize their grow so they can continue nurturing and producing some of the best quality cannabis.


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