6 Marijuana Strains the Dude From 'Big Lebowski' Would Enjoy Most

Today is the 20th anniversary of The Big Lebowski, which happens to feature arguably the greatest stoner in film history, The Dude. And while we know what the Dude’s favorite beverage is, we don’t know what types of marijuana he preferred.

Here are six marijuana strains we think the Dude would abide by the most:

6. Cannatonic

Sometimes the Dude just wants to lie down on his favorite rug and listen to some tunes. Cannatonic is the best strain for that situation. It delivers a super relaxing feeling while giving you an uplifted mood.


The Dude’s life isn’t all about sitting around the house all day. He’s also an avid bowler! And sometimes you need a little help on the lanes to pick up some extra pins. That’s where ACDC comes in. This strain is also great for relaxation, but it also helps sharpen a user’s focus so he can try and nail a 7-10 split.

4. Girl Scout Cookies

After a long day of doing…whatever it is the Dude does every day, he liked to sit in his bath and enjoy a nicely rolled joint. Perhaps that joint contained Girl Scout Cookies, which is known for giving a nice uplifting mood after a long day of work.

3. Granddaddy Purple

Another relaxing strain, Granddaddy Purple is also an effective strain to combat stress, whether that’s in the form of your best friend constantly making references to his service in Vietnam or the group of nihilists tearing up your home looking for money.

2. Lamb’s Bread

Considering the amount of philosophy espoused by the Dude, we’re sure he’s into meditation. And Lamb’s Bread is one of the best strains for meditating because it’s both relaxing and delivers a jolt of energy.

1. White Russian

Considering it’s his favorite alcoholic beverage, we’re guessing the Dude would also enjoy the White Russian strain. It’s a cross between White Widow and AK-47, and was briefly considered one of the most powerful strain in the world. The Dude would be able to enjoy two White Russians at once!


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