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Big Brothers Big Sisters Reveals the Most Expensive Thing Ever Donated to Them

The most expensive thing ever dropped in a Big Brothers Big Sisters donation box isn't something that the youth mentorship group ever asked for or wanted. 

A local Missouri branch of the non-profit organization was recently shocked to find that a large bundle of marijuana had been dropped in one of their purple donation bins posted around Springfield.

Every month, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks sends out a newsletter that keep subscribers up-to-date on the group's upcoming activities and milestones. This month's letter was a little different however, as the charity organization revealed that they recently found $3,000 worth of marijuana in one of their donation bins. 

"There's no telling who put it there or why," Tyler Moles - President of Big Brothers Big Sisters' Think Big Foundation - told AZ Central.

Immediately after discovering the package, Moles contacted the local police, who disclosed how much money the bag of cannabis was worth. "That's the most expensive thing ever put in the bin, and we weren't able to use it to help the charity," Moles said.

Cannabis remains illegal in Missouri, so the group couldn't touch the bag even if they wanted to. Being caught with that much marijuana could mean a $10,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.

However, Big Brothers Big Sisters could still profit from the incident. Moles is hoping the attention the story has gotten will spur people to support the organization and make donations that the organization can use.

"If they think it's funny, maybe they'll put the right thing in the bin," Moles said.

Moles added that this isn't the first time he's seen unusual items show up in donation bins. People sometimes accidentally deposit their cell phones or laptops, while others think it's funny to put sex toys or BB guns in the donation bins. So there's no telling if the weed was put in there by accident or if someone thought it was high time for Big Brothers Big Sisters to get into the cannabis industry.


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