Betty White Shows Off Her Cannabis IQ On 'The $25,000 Pyramid'

Actor Betty White - who turns 95 today - once showed off her cannabis IQ on TV. Back in 1982, White promoted her upcoming sitcom Mama's Family  by appearing as a celebrity contestant on Dick Clark's The $25,000 Pyramid. Things went a bit off the rails when marijuana-infused edibles came up during a round involving baked goods.

"I'll talk to you a bit about your recipes later on," Clark said when the round wrapped up.

Let's just say you might want to think twice if Betty White ever offers you a brownie.


Academy Award winning filmmaker Spike Jonze has been tapped by the upscale cannabis producer and retailer MedMen to direct a short film on cannabis history. There are few details available about Jonze's cannabis focused short film for the California-based dispensary chain. However, Jesse Williams of 'Grey's Anatomy' fame is slated to appear in the film and shooting has already begun in LA, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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