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6 Best Ways to Preserve Your Marijuana

Marijuana, like anything you can consume, must be well preserved or it could go bad. And while most foods will cause you to get sick, unmaintained marijuana will probably just lead to an unenjoyable high. But considering that’s probably the whole reason you bought cannabis, that’s a big deal.

So here are six tips for preserving your marijuana:

1. Mason Jars

The best way to store marijuana is in a mason jar with a rubber or silicone seal. These jars are airtight, so you expose your cannabis to the elements. Just make sure you try and fill the jar up as much as possible so there’s no extra air in it.

2. Dark

If you don’t have mason jars available, then use whatever you can and store your cannabis in a dark area. A cabinet, a basement, basically anywhere that gets no light. Light degrades cannabis trichomes, which are the parts of the cannabis plant that contain THC.

3. Dry

Another important way to preserve your marijuana is to keep it in an area that’s not too humid. Ideally, you’ll want a humidity around 65 percent. Any more, and your cannabis can get exposed to too much moisture, which can lead to mold. But if you keep it somewhere too dry, it could make the plant more brittle and less fun to use.

4. Temperature

Keeping your cannabis cool is another important way to preserve it. If you’re already keeping it somewhere dark, you should be at a good start. Warm temperatures can dry out your cannabis which will make it less enjoyable. But don’t keep it too cold, because that could cause the trichomes to break off, which will decrease the potency of your stash.

5. Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing may be the most effective way to preserve marijuana. Using this method ensures there’s absolutely no oxygen exposure for your cannabis, meaning it will degrade far slower than other methods. The only issue is most vacuum sealers rely on plastic bags, which are unideal containers for cannabis. But if you can still keep it in a place that matches the other criteria on the list, it should be fine.

6. Do NOT Refrigerate

Many people keep their cannabis in a refrigerator or a freezer, which is not a good idea. Freezers will destroy the trichomes, as we mentioned earlier, causing your cannabis to be less potent. But refrigerators aren’t much better, since you’re often opening and closing your fridge a lot, which can cause fluctuations in temperature, which is also bad for cannabis.

Of course, if you immediately smoke all of your stash after you buy it, then you probably don’t need any of these tips.


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