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Here's the Best Way to Start an Email According to Science

The hardest part of writing an email is the beginning. How to start? Do you do a casual, "Hey [insert name]?" Or do you do a formal, "Dear Mr. So-and-So?" Or do you just go with, "Hello?" Well some scientists have figured out the best way to begin your emails.

A data scientist named Brendan Greenley has analyzed tons of emails and determined the best way to begin them. According to Greenley, the best way to get a response is to go with a casual and friendly tone as opposed to a formal one. According to Greenley, emails that began "Hey" received the most responses at 64 percent, followed by "Hello" at 63.6 percent and "Hi" with 62.7 percent. Slightly more formal emails that began with "Greetings" received replies only 57.2 percent of the time, and starting an email with the formal "Dear" received a response only 56.5 percent of the time.

Greenley said that people often use formal greetings with either people they don't know or people they dislike. A more casual tone will make an email sound like it's coming from a friend and therefore is more likely to receive a response, even if the person receiving the message has never met the person who sent it.

This doesn't mean that simply saying "Hey" or "Hello" ensures your email is perfect. Greenley said proper punctuation, grammar and brevity are all important to a successful email.

Now Greenley just needs to do the same study on Tinder messages so I'll know what ice breakers to use going forward.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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