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12 Best Stoners in Pop Culture

Stoners are a common trope in entertainment. If a movie or TV show needs a little extra humor, they’ll just have the pot-using supporting character come in and talk about they lost their keys or something. And while most pop culture portrayals of stoners are usually this stereotypical depiction, there are some that go far beyond that.

Here are the 12 best stoners in pop culture:

12. Nancy Botwin

Before AMC made a hit TV show about a dad who decides to cook meth to raise money for his family, Showtime had a similar show about a single mom selling marijuana. Nancy Botwin from Weeds is really the OG Walter White, even if people remember Breaking Bad more fondly.

11. Ted

When Seth MacFarlane pitched the idea of “pot-smoking teddy bear,” studios probably thought he was crazy. And while Ted isn’t a comic masterpiece, it’s a solid movie with some great lines that’s worth watching, particularly if you’re ready to smoke along with Ted.

10. Saul Silver

Pineapple Express is the movie where Seth Rogen was like, “Hey, instead of just making a movie that has marijuana in it, let’s make a movie entirely about marijuana!” And the best character in the movie is James Franco’s Saul Silver, which then made everyone realize how much of a walking stoner stereotype Franco actually is.

9. That 70’s Show Cast

That 70’s Show was a sitcom from the 2000’s about a bunch of teenage stoners living in Wisconsin in the 1970’s. And for some reason the show was actually good! We assume it has everything to do with marijuana.

8. Jay and Silent Bob

Kevin Smith may have helped launch the careers of actors such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jason Lee with his early movies, but his most famous creations are Jay and Silent Bob. They went from amusing side characters in Clerks to getting their own movie. If that doesn’t show how popular they are, I don’t know what will.

7. Thurgood Jenkins

Half Baked was viewed pretty negatively when it originally came out. But today, the Dave Chappelle comedy is viewed from a much more favorable lens and many people appreciate it as a cult stoner comedy. It just goes to show that if you give a stoner enough time, he’ll reward you.

6. Harold and Kumar

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle may not be seen as an iconic comedy movie, but at the time it was actually a really well-received film. A great stoner movie hadn’t been made in a few years, and Harold and Kumar made the genre relevant again. Perhaps if they hadn’t made any sequels, this would be remembered a little more fondly.

5. Dazed and Confused Cast

Before Richard Linklater was spending 10 years making movies about a boy growing up, he made a great comedy about teenage stoners. And of course, we all know the movie launched the seemingly perpetually stoned Matthew McConaughey.

4. Jeff Spicoli

Whenever the topic of best stoner movies ever gets brought up, Fast Times at Ridgemont High is always in the discussion. And that’s largely due to the hilarious Jeff Spicoli. Who knew that actor would go on to win an Oscar?

3. Smokey

Friday taught us all two important lessons: 1. Ice Cube can actually write a pretty darn good movie and 2. Chris Tucker is actually really funny if given the right material. (Sorry, Rush Hour fans.) If anyone ever talks smack about Chris Tucker, just show them his performance as Smokey and you’ll immediately prove them wrong.

2. The Dude

While his real name may be “Jeffrey Lebowski,” everyone knows him as “The Dude.” The Coen Brothers’ classic is part crime movie, part stoner comedy, and one part bowling movie. And it also set up Jeff Bridges playing the aging stoner character for the next 20 years of his career.

1. Cheech and Chong

When you think of stoner movies, Cheech and Chong should be the first names to come to mind. These guys made hit movies and comedy albums based entirely on their stoner personas. We’d probably have a lot less weed jokes in TV and movies if it wasn’t for these two.


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